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LCD Enclosures Offer an Alternative Outdoor Viewing Solution

Tailor Made Enclosures

Many of our industrial enclosures can be customised to suit your particular requirements, or we can manufacture original tailor-made solutions to suit your needs.

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LCD Enclosures have often been seen over the years as simply an industrial enclosure solution, this is not the case at all, the World Cup in 2010 highlighted that lcd enclosures can provide a wider outdoor viewing solution for residential and commercial clients alike. Up until recent years most public houses wanting to show sporting events in beer gardens or courtyard areas would have to shell out thousands of pounds for a specialist outdoor tv.

In an industry already hard hit by tough economic times and recession in recent years, LCD Enclosures provide a cost effective solution for pubs with all the benefits of an outdoor tv. The advancement of technology in the manufacture of such enclosures means that they offer a waterproof, secure and anti-glare element that results in optimum outdoor viewing performance. Many retailers and manufacturers reported that in the months leading up to the South Africa World Cup that enquiries from either publicans direct or contractors on behlaf of pub chains were getting in touch to enquire about enclosures as an outdoor viewing option.

It is not just public houses or sporting fans that can benefit from lcd enclosures, airports, train stations, hosptials and other areas that require the need to display public information can house a standard lcd tv outdoors, safe in the knowledge it will be protected from the elements and vandalism. Features and benefits of lcd enclosures include;

•Perspex Screens - They can withstand impact and will not cause damage to the internal tv screen if they are damaged in any way, also easily replaceable.
•IP 54Rated - Waterproof rating that allows the lcd enclosure to perform in wet environment
•Lockable Security Doors - Manufacture with a lockable front door that increase security
•Various Sizes - Our LCD Enclosures are manufactured to accomadate almost all lcd tvs, from 22 - 50inch screens giving you a great size spectrum to choose from
•VESA Bracket - The internally fitted VESA bracket that allows easy installation of the lcd tv to the lcd enclosure
•Wall Mounted/Pillar Mounted Options - Again offering flexibility on the installation process and allows the lcd enclosure to be fitted in your desired location
•Optional Extras - Such as cooling fans, temperature devices that will allow for heating and cooling, this makes the enclosure perfect for all year round use, heating for colder months and cooling for the summer months to ensure your tvs operate within the manufacturers temperature specifications
•Anti-Glare Screen - This helps to limit the impact of direct sunlight hitting the lcd enclosure and allows for improved viewing.
LCD Enclosures can be built to order bespokely so it is worth discussing your exact requirements with us prior to placing an order.

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